Flagger Force Apps

Download For Success

Employees at Flagger Force have exclusive access to several apps created for your success. Scroll down and install the apps needed for communication, operations, and benefits by clicking on the appropriate app icon.

Apps for Communication

Download In The Zone (ITZ) to access job resources, to get company updates, and to connect with co-workers. Access ITZ on desktop: https://flaggerforce.us.beekeeper.io

Apps for Operations

Flagger Force operations apps are mandatory for field employees. Based on your position, you can use the Time Sheet app to track and submit your time worked on the job, travel time, and equipment delivery time. Use the Dispatch app to view and accept jobs.

Apps for Benefits

Flagger Force uses the UKG Ready app, you may know this app as the payroll app, to service payroll and human resources functions. Use the app to track your hours, view your paystub, request time off, review your benefits, update tax forms, and so much more.