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Flagger Force has the resources and expertise to help support our nation’s utility and communications infrastructure with industry leading short-term traffic control services.
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The Industry Leader in Work Zone Safety

Safety in work zones concerns us all. And when you work on or near roadways every day like we do, it’s instinct to keep safety at the forefront. Our crews go through extensive training programs before working in the field, throughout their service, and prior to being promoted to ensure we not only meet state standards for traffic control but exceed them. It’s so important to us, that we have an entire department dedicated to safety. Our safety culture spans job sites and merges with our everyday lives, making its way into our motto—Safety-Driven.

At Flagger Force, we are proud of our industry position as the leader in temporary traffic control. With a fleet of approximately 1,000 trucks, 1,900 full-time employees, and by working closely with our customers, we’re able to provide a wide range of safe operational capabilities. These include standard flagging operations, advanced setups, rolling slowdowns, and emergency and storm response capabilities. We take pride in helping to maintain our nation’s infrastructure, and even more in guiding you safely through a work zone.

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We encourage growth from within, and 100% of our field specialists (supervisors) are promoted from within our own organization. We’ve become a team of 1900+ Flagger Force employees and lead the industry in high-quality, safe traffic control services.

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“The Flagger Force Operations team has done a great job at providing me consistency on my job site this week. I appreciate all the hard work.”

- Owen Crouse, Foreman, Riggs Distler

“Today, Flagger Force did an excellent job on our work zone. I was very impressed with their level of professionalism and knowledge in traffic control. They did some great work.”

- Phil Vigue, Foreman, Cianbro Corp.

“The crew from Flagger Force did a great job today. These two were professional, patient, and pleasant to work with.”

- Charles Curtis, Foreman, Verizon

“Flagger Force has some of the best crews. They are always attentive, listen to what is needed and they all have been a pleasure to work with.”

- Donnie Hoffer, Foreman, Brubacher Excavating

“Flagger Force employees are polite, courteous, and very professional. It is always nice to have them on our site.”

- Scott Gates, Foreman, UGI

“Our Flagger Force crew did an outstanding job today. I am impressed with the quality of the level of service they provided. They were safe, courteous, and were a pleasure to have worked alongside of our crew.”

- Steve Krizan, Foreman, BGE-Underground

“The crews at Flagger Force are great to work with. We had a complicated rolling slowdown and they had the operation down to a science. I am very pleased with the job they performed.”

- Andrew MacPherson, project manager, CW Wright Construction

“The crew with my team today was outstanding. My employees made sure to tell me how knowledgeable, polite, and hardworking each member of this crew was throughout the day.”

- Damon Barbour, Supervisor, Reg Operations Line & Sub, West, Potomac Edison

“I want to thank Flagger Force for providing us with an outstanding and professional crew. The dedication your employees show on the road is very gratifying knowing they are the ones protecting our crew. Thank you for keeping us safe.”

- Shane Satterwhite, foreman, Pike Electric
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We’ve Got it All under control

Quality traffic control goes well beyond controlling when and where motorists should stop and when they should go. It also involves anticipating changes in traffic flow, adjusting to the specific requirements of construction projects, applying a deep knowledge of the state standards for traffic control, having the capability to respond to emergency situations and much more. Thanks to our comprehensive training, our traffic control employees are an integral part of maintaining community infrastructure by keeping our utility and road construction clients safe. Our clients are able to concentrate needed resources on their core business because Flagger Force concentrates on the traffic control safety aspects of jobs on and near roadways across our communities.

Safe, Quality Work Zones Throughout the Eastern United States

If you’ve ever driven through a work zone, you’ve probably encountered a Flagger Force traffic control professional. As an industry leader in work zone safety, our flaggers are deployed across the eastern United States. Utility companies, subcontractors, and state and federal construction project managers have come to trust us for their traffic control duties for both basic and complex work zone setups.

With over 1,900 full-time employees and steadily enhancing our capabilities year after year, Flagger Force can meet the needs of your safety needs for short-term traffic control. We provide continuous training to our employees to ensure we’re offering added safety and value to road construction and utility projects all across the eastern United States.

The next time you drive through a work zone, we hope you’ll notice the professional attitude and positive contribution Flagger Force’s traffic control professionals have made to enhance the expectations of safety, quality, and careers in the traffic control industry.

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