We are proud of the strong partnership with our clients, the community, and all of our employees. We share praise throughout the company. Below is just a sample of the “KUDOS” our teams have received!

Our field teams value their client relationship and it’s easy to show your appreciation!
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“The Flagger Force Operations team has done a great job at providing me consistency on my job site this week. I appreciate all the hard work.”

- Owen Crouse, Foreman, Riggs Distler

“My experience with Flagger Force has been great. A lot of my work zones are in the northwest region and everyone from the office staff to the field crew get everything set up safely and on time.”

- Mike Showers, Front Operational Leader, Columbia Gas

“The teams that Flagger Force has provided me have been fantastic! Everyone from the field to the branches is doing a great job and please keep up the great work.”

- Brian McDonell, Foreman, PECO–Warminster

“I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone who works in your work zones. They stand in one-spot, regardless of the weather, risking their lives to keep us motorists safe. People get cranky because they didn’t leave enough time to get to work and meanwhile, we have people like you guys who do this job to help make our lives better. Thank you.”

- Holly Hill, motorist,

“Flagger Force and its most valuable assets (employees) should be recognized as superior for customer service to their clients. I appreciate the fact that whenever I call I get a real person and not an automated message. This is so refreshing in today’s corporate world. Thank you!”

- Cindy Newman, sales manager, R.C. Newman, LLC.

“This summer has been one of the busiest seasons for us. Flagger Force has done a great job to keep our job sites active with outstanding employees. The Operations team has been very flexible in accommodating our day-to-day changes and we appreciate it.”

- Rick McKenzie, Foreman, Potomac-Cumberland Service Center

“Flagger Force provided great service for us recently. I continue to look forward to working with you.”

- Joe Thanner, vice president and superintendent, L.F. Mahoney, Inc.

“Lafayette College appreciates the coordination and help provided for our project this week, from all parties at Flagger Force.”

- Zachary Gant, project manager, Lafayette College

“The Flagger Force Operations team members are great to work with and are very professional. Sometimes, our work requires us to place orders late in the day, they quickly work to fill our orders and provide us the service that we need.”

- Jim Grachen, superintendent, Banks Gas Service

“Everyone here was extremely impressed with the job that Flagger Force provided today. They made our job out there so much easier, especially the dispatch team and corporate team, who worked with me to get our account set up and get all the information necessary about the worksite. It is so refreshing to work with a company like Flagger Force.”

- Tamy Way, Project Manager, Custom Walls & Windows

“Our Flagger Force crew did a good job last night. We had an emergency order, and Flagger Force filled it very quickly, which I appreciate. Thank you!”

- Nick Cummins, Foreman, Michels Power

“Our crew did an excellent job keeping traffic flowing on PA Route 45 at the Graysville Bridge project today. Thank you for everyone’s cooperation at Flagger Force for placing this order.”

- Lieutenant Stewart Neff, Event Planning & Supervision, Penn State University Police

“I have been really impressed by the work Flagger Force provides. We have recently switched from our usual traffic control provider and found that you guys have a great professional staff that really knows how to provide safe, quality work zones.”

- Larry Green, safety representative, Harlan Electric

“All week it was a difficult setup due to the double S-curve in the roadway, but the Flagger Force crew worked well and got the work zone up quickly. When they came back the next day, the site was set up before my team even got there. Keep up the great work!”

- James Hooper, Foreman, Verizon–Virginia

“The teams that Flagger Force has provided me have been fantastic! Everyone from the field to the office is doing a great job and please keep up the great work.”

- Brian McDonell, Foreman, PECO-Warminster

“When the Flagger Force crew first arrived, they set up the job site perfectly. They kept my crew feeling safe throughout the day by monitoring traffic and when the day was done, they worked as a team to take the site down.”

- Dave Schlimme, Foreman, PECO-West Chester

“Today, I was very impressed by the work of Flagger Force. The crew had a good set-up and were keeping traffic moving smoothly.”

- Terry Lehman, Inspector, Maryland SHA D-5

“Today we had Flagger Force provide traffic control for us. They did such a great job at providing a safe and professional work zone.”

- Mickey Hess, Foreman, Utility Lines Construction Services-Div 104

“The Flagger Force Operations team does an outstanding job with my orders when I call or email last-minute changes to them.”

- Scott Bussard, lead foreman, IB Abel-Lancaster

“Before I started using Flagger Force, I was using another traffic control company. I have seen a noticeable difference in the professionalism of Flagger Force compared to the other company and I am pleasured with the service I have received.”

- Brad Stephenson, Foreman, The Cutting Edge of Delaware

“After a severe storm came through our service area the other night, a power line fell across Bethlehem Pike. We called Flagger Force and they were able to assist us quickly to fill the order. The dispatched crew did a fantastic job keeping traffic following while we fixed the power line. You all helped us out in a very BIG way!”

- Will Shirhall, technician, Comcast

“I was extremely happy with the performance and the level of safety that the Flagger Force crew provided while setting up our work zone.”

- John Grummer, Foreman, BGE

“I call Flagger Force on a weekly basis to make flagging arrangements. I cannot express enough the high level of service that the Operations team provides each and every time. They are consistently very professional, helpful, and positive. They use all the best practices of customer service, including excellent three-part communication. I always leave the call with a strong inner assurance my flagging needs will be in order for the situation requested. All of your call representatives far exceed today’s norm for service.”

- Jonathan Hall, Operations Distribution Scheduling, PPL

“Today, the Flagger Force crew really impressed me with their knowledge of setting up a work zone. They were a pleasure to talk to and professional.”

- Kurt Massett, Foreman, TRC Engineers, Inc.

“The Flagger Force crews do an exceptional job. They continually set up their work zones correctly, safely, and in a timely manner. It is a pleasure working with them. They consistently make an effort to ensure that our linemen, as well as Flagger Force employees, are safe.”

- Jay Timmons, Foreman, IB Abel

“We completed the job we need to get done and thanks to Flagger Force our traffic control went very smoothly. The crew was professional, punctual, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with Flagger Force and if I need temporary traffic control again I know who to call.”

- Jeff Beard, Foreman, Red Lion Municipal

“I passed your flagging team on Burke Ave. in Baltimore, MD today. In a world where workers usually look bored and inefficient, your workers were alert, efficient, looked professional in their branded uniforms, and waved as I passed.”

- Lauren Muney, motorist, Maryland

“Flagger Force crews did a remarkable job today with their set up. My crew and I felt extremely safe and thankful to have them onsite. We will definitely use Flagger Force again in the future.”

- Jim Scullion, Foreman, Rapid Response

“The Flagger Force Operations team did a tremendous job at reacting quickly to assist our team with an emergency outage. They reported over an hour earlier than scheduled and set up the site swiftly. My team and I greatly appreciate the quick reaction and great service.”

- Todd Gohn, Foreman, PPL

“I want to make it known that Flagger Force did an excellent job for us out at the Wilmington project the past couple of nights. They are hardworking, and more than helpful to our crew to get the job done efficiently and safely as a team. Thank you!”

- Brian Lawn, Project Engineer, Allan A. Myers

“Flagger Force did an outstanding job for us today. Because of the professionalism of this crew, the next time we are in town doing work we will definitely be using Flagger Force’s services again.”

- Dennis McCullough, Foreman, Taylor Wiseman & Taylor

“The Sales Group at Flagger Force are an absolute joy to work with. Everyone is nice to talk to, pleasant and has answers to everything I asked! “

- John Summers, Co-Owner, Lester R Summers Inc

“Our Flagger Force crew performed an outstanding operation. Their excessive efforts met our needs and kept traffic running smoothly, which increased productivity and led to a safer working environment. My crew and I, are very appreciative of all their hard work.”

- Terry Titus, Foreman, Allegheny Contracting

“The crew dispatched to our work zone today from Flagger Force really did a great job. I was very impressed by the crew’s professionalism and service. I also want to say that every time I call into Flagger Force I receive excellent service from the Operations team.”

- John Grummer, Foreman, BGE

“The crew from Flagger Force worked great together to provide us with a well-controlled and safe work zone. I will definitely use Flagger Force again and recommend this crew to anyone who has a complex traffic control need.”

- Ronald Weaver Jr, Director, Public Works-Newtown Township PA

“I want to take a moment to complement the crew dispatched from Flagger Force. They were on the job site on time tonight and promptly set up the required road set up. Their professionalism and care to detail was very impressive as they consistently checked-in with my crews to verify everything was adequate. It is always a pleasure working with a well oriented team that makes our crew feel safe while working in a busy and dangerous traffic zone.”

- Bernie Helm, Supervisor, BGE

“Today, we had delicate wiring job on a busy roadway and Flagger Force was quick to respond with their crew, set up our work zone quickly, and responded when we needed traffic stopped. Thank to Flagger Force as well for training their crews!”

- Greg Case, Foreman, Penelec

“I am very impressed by the Flagger Force crews for keeping myself and my crew safe throughout the day. I also wanted to express my gratitude to everyone I had worked with at Flagger Force, from setting up my contract, to placing the order with the Operations team.”

- Michael Gardner, Foreman, Gardner Construction

“The crew from Flagger Force assisted us with a traffic control set up that is a very dangerous road way. The work zone was set up in a safe way. I drove through the complete work zone and as a driver I knew exactly what they wanted me to do and where they wanted me to go with no confusion. My crew also felt very safe being inside the set up that was provided.”

- Ray Stewart, Foreman, BGE

“Today I had the pleasure to work with Flagger Force for the first time today. The job site had blind turns and was heavily wooded and the crew dispatched did a great and safe job. I will definitely use Flagger Force again for this type of work zone set up.”

- Dustin Moore, Foreman, Precision Tree Services

“My crew felt very safe with Flagger Force on our site today. The crew was very attentive to the detail of the work zone.”

- Steven Hunsberger, Foreman, Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority

“Thank you to the Flagger Force Operations staff for a quick dispatch on an arrow board and crew tonight. We had a cable “delashing” over a busy state route and he worked very quickly to get a crew with appropriate equipment to our emergency work zone. Your emergency actions really helped us out.”

- Ted Toth, local manager, Verizon-Harrisburg

“Flagger Force was great to work with. We have been working with them for several days now and they have become very familiar with the job site requirements that we have. Everyone has been extremely helpful and professional during our long days. Thank you for all your work!”

- Jeff Rodgers, Foreman, Verizon-Roanoke

“I would like to acknowledge the Sales Group at Flagger Force for assisting us in proper work zone set up for a night job at a busy four-way intersection. I appreciated all of their help!”

- William Richardson, director of engineering, SoftDig Underground Services

“The crew from Flagger Force set up our work zone perfectly today. Even before we arrived, the crew called to verify the set up and got everything ready to go for us. It is great to work with a team that is professional and takes leadership.”

- Jeff Hobr, Foreman, PPL-Carbondale

“This week was our first week using Flagger Force and I could not be more pleased with the work they provided for us. They did such an excellent job setting up the work zones above and beyond safety regulations. Our crew felt safe and did not have to worry about oncoming traffic.”

- Andrew Bender, Foreman, American Electrical Testing Co., Inc.-New York Branch

“Working with Flagger Force today has been great. The crew did a tremendous job on site by keeping us not only safe, but being proactive about our needs.”

- Mike Reinhold, Foreman, Allan Myers L.P.

“Over the past few days, I have worked with several crews from Flagger Force and they were all professional, on time, and ready to get us working. They worked so hard to get everything set up for our site we did not have to ask any questions.”

- Edward Neal, Foreman, Highland Construction LLC

“During the busy holiday weekend, we needed traffic control to help all of our guests get to their destinations safely. Flagger Force kept traffic moving safely throughout the parking areas. We will definitely be using Flagger Force again.”

- Jeff Melodick, Project Manager, Jersey Shore Premium Outlets

“The crew dispatched by Flagger Force did a phenomenal job this week on our work zone setup. They have made our jobs very easy, and I look forward to working with Flagger Force next week!”

- Jim Grachen, Superintendent, Banks Gas Service

“Today we worked in a high traffic area, and the crew from Flagger Force kept traffic flowing smoothly. Even with such a complex setup, these guys did some great work!”

- John Harhai, Foreman, Northern Neck Electric Cooperative

“This week we had a difficult setup due to the double S-curve in the roadway, but Flagger Force worked really well and got the work zone up quickly. When they came back the next day, the site was set up before my team even got there. Keep up the great work!”

- James Hooper, Foreman, Verizon-Virginia

“Flagger Force was a joy to work with this week. The crews always had the work zone set up before we arrived. Made our job a lot easier!”

- Curtis Friend, Foreman, Henkels & McCoy

“On a very busy stretch of I-95 in Maryland today, the crew from Flagger Force did a fantastic job. They were on-time, professional, and a great group of people to work with.”

- Jerome Berger, Foreman, Buckley Cable Construction

“Flagger Force did a great job on our site today. It was a busy section of downtown Philadelphia, PA, but they kept up with all the pedestrians and motorists, leaving us to safely do our work.”

- Bill Ryder, Foreman, Henkels & McCoy

“Flagger Force has been doing a great job for us, especially the specialists on the Operations team. They know exactly what we need and they are always responsive.”

- Robert O’Neill, environmental manager, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

“Our company always has a great experience with the Flagger Force Operations staff. They work very hard to be sure our needs are met well before we ask!”

- Jim Bozzell, Foreman, Delta Utility Services

“It was a true pleasure working with Flagger Force today. I look forward to utilizing your services more often.”

- Kevin Williams, Sr. project manager, Exelon

“Recently, Flagger Force was outside my home performing wire-watching for a utility. When I had to leave my home, the crew was very professional and personable. I appreciated what they were doing.”

- Homeowner, Chadds Ford, PA

“From the branch to the field staff, Flagger Force employees are fantastic to work with!”

- Joan Altomore, Foreman, PECO

“Today, while driving in Hampden Township, PA, I was greeted by the faces of several Flagger Force employees actively working within a work zone. It made my day to see people who enjoyed their job.”

- Anonymous, Motorist, PA

“The Flagger Force crew on our work zone on Old Baltimore Pike today, did an excellent job. They were professional, and we did not have to worry about our safety or oncoming traffic.”

- Steve Addis, Foreman, Brubacher Excavating

“When our crews came back to the service center today, they were raving about the crew sent by Flagger Force. They were friendly, professional, and stayed positive while working in a tough area.”

- Marie Moore, Foreman, PECO – Phoenixville, PA

“I am happy I can always count on Flagger Force to do an extraordinary job and perform the work correctly.”

- Dan Bailey, Foreman, Avison Young

“Flagger Force employees have been doing a great job for us. I am very pleased with the crews dispatched to our jobsites and I am thankful we had them there!”

- Mike Kenia, Foreman, Harlan Electric Company

“I appreciate the promptness of Flagger Force when handling issues. They are very responsive and work to correct the situations immediately.”

- Robert J. Moore, East Region Vice President of Operations, Henkels & McCoy

“My crew felt very safe having Flagger Force on our site today. They were able to set-up the work zone very efficiently and keep traffic moving throughout the day. They did a good job.”

- Todd Talhelm, Foreman, PPL – Elizabethville

“I have been visiting a lot of sites where Flagger Force was providing traffic control for us. I am very impressed with their level of communication between the client and crews on the work sites.”

- Kerry Jobson, corporate safety coordinator, Nelson

“In September, our company reached out to Flagger Force with a difficult heavy haul move. The Sales Group was a pleasure to work with from day one. We know it was not easy! Flagger Force impressed everyone at our company by providing the field crews, the equipment, and all the appropriate signage. There were so many Flagger Force crews on our site I couldn’t begin name them all, but we appreciate their work and dedication to those long nights.”

- Rebecca Ham, Foreman, Mammoet

“The Flagger Force crew did an outstanding job today. I am impressed with the quality of the level of service they provided. They were safe, courteous, and were a pleasure to have working alongside of our crew.”

- Steve Krizan, Foreman, BGE-Underground

“I appreciated the work that Flagger Force provided for us today. The crew worked very well together and used great radio communication.”

- Ryan Gerlach, Foreman, PPL – Lancaster

“Today, Flagger Force did an excellent job on our work zone. I was very impressed with their level of professionalism and knowledge in traffic control. They did some great work.”

- Phil Vigue, Foreman, Cianbro Corp.

“The Flagger Force crews did a great job and were very professional in our work zone today. They set up the necessary work zone, making my crew feel safe knowing someone was watching our back.”

- Ben Adams, Owner, BT Adams

“The crew from Flagger Force did a great job today. These two were professional, patient, and pleasant to work with.”

- Charles Curtis, Foreman, Verizon

“This week, my team worked with a great crew from Flagger Force. They did a great job keeping us safe while keeping traffic moving.”

- David Nevel, Foreman, UGI, West Region

“Flagger Force crews went above and beyond for us today. They set up the work zone in a timely manner when it was a busy roadway.”

- Mike Lions, Foreman, PPL, Bloomsburg

“On a busy and difficult road, the crew from Flagger Force did a great job keeping traffic moving today.”

- Joel Eschback, Foreman, PPL, Quarryville

“The crew from Flagger Force were not only on time and professional, but provided outstanding quality service today.”

- Ken Clevenger, Foreman, BGE

“Flagger Force has some of the best employees. I am always impressed by their extensive knowledge on proper work zone set-ups.”

- Steve Conan, Foreman, Delmont Utilities

“St. Luke’s Hospital greatly appreciates the excellent services of Flagger Force today. We want to do everything we can to be a greater partner with them and we look forward to the next time using Flagger Force.”

- John Talijan, Security Operations Manager, Saint Luke’s Hospital

“The crew from Flagger Force performed an excellent Lane Closure. Maryland SHA complimented them on how well they executed the Lane Closure.”

- Larry Murray, Foreman, Matrix SME

“I would like to thank Flagger Force crews who responded to provide traffic control on a project. As I was doing site inspections, I noticed that a school bus was stopped within the work zone to let children off the bus. The crew member from Flagger Force made sure that vehicles were stopped to allow the children cross safely. This kind of effort is the highest level of professionalism and I want to personally thank that crew member for going the extra mile.”

- Larry Green, Foreman, Lanark Milford

“Flagger Force has some of the best crews. They are always attentive, listen to what is needed and they all have been a pleasure to work with.”

- Donnie Hoffer, Foreman, Brubacher Excavating

“Thank you Flagger Force for sending such great people to my site. The work zone was set up well and everyone went home safely. The Flagger Force crew was very fluent in what they were doing and represent the company well.”

- Sean Baynard, Foreman, BGE

“Flagger Force employees are polite, courteous, and very professional. It is always nice to have them on our site.”

- Scott Gates, Foreman, UGI

“Flagger Force ran one of the best work zones I have ever seen. The signage was perfect, the spacing was correct, and they looked very professional with their clean PPE.”

- Benjamin R. LaParne, P.E., assistant district executive, PA Department of Transportation

“Flagger Force provided excellent service while setting up a safe work zone on a very dangerous roadway. We were able to complete the work quickly and efficiently.”

- Glenn O. McAllister, vice president, survey practice leader, Pennoni Associates

“I have seen some great instructors from Flagger Force. They are very professional and do very well on keeping the guys engaged in the presentation. He exemplified the values, vision, and mission of Flagger Force.”

- Rich Musicant, environment health & safety compliance specialist, New Jersey United Water

“The last few weeks have been working on a paving job for a gas trench in Maryland. The Flagger Force crew made it so easy to do our job.”

- Ed Giese, senior paving coordinator, BGE

“The Flagger Force Operations staff do such a great job when I place an order. I never have to worry about a thing!”

- Mike Conneen, Foreman, Verizon

“Flagger Force does a great job for us the past several years. There have been several busy projects that Flagger Force handled with no problem. The crews that have been dispatched did a great job as well, setting up everything on time and with no issues.”

- Dan Durr, Foreman, Dawood Engineering

“Flagger Force worked really well to coordinate our rolling stop on Interstate 90. The crew was professional and safe. I have never felt safer standing in the middle of the highway.”

- Bill Wojick, Foreman, Verizon

“Our Flagger Force crew did an outstanding job today. I am impressed with the quality of the level of service they provided. They were safe, courteous, and were a pleasure to have worked alongside of our crew.”

- Steve Krizan, Foreman, BGE-Underground

“KUDOS to our crew for their work in Atlantic City, NJ! They did an awesome job for the client. The Atlantic City Police Department was very impressed with their work as well.”

- Chris Plute, Flagger Force Area Supervisor, Since 2014

“I was very happy to meet the crew from Flagger Force on our site today. They truly did a great job.”

- Paul Rudolph, Foreman, PECO-West Chester Gas Construction

“I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how happy we have been with the service that the Operations team has provided our company. In a world where customer service is oftentimes not the norm for a company. Our company is a small company and have been working with Flagger Force on several projects.”

- Penny Kearns-Miller, Project Manager, PRO PIPE

“There is no typical day in the field. Each setup is different, because there are different situations. Plus, there’s quite a bit of travel—you get to see a lot of the market you work in.”

- Luke Anspach, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader, Since 2016

“I see a lot of work sites on the road, and you can see a big difference between our setups and others. I put 110% into my job every day and I truly make safety a top priority. I know our clients value that.”

- David Russ, Flagger Force Field Manager, Since 2014

“With my previous experience in the military, I could bring a lot of my experience and relate it to this job. Being able to make decisions quickly and safely, staying determined throughout the day, and having respect and values of our company are just a few experiences that come to mind.”

- Danny Rice, Flagger Force Field Manager, Since 2014

“I had the occasion to observe your operation next to one of your competitors. You are hands down a great operation. The safety infraction I saw by the other business was very dangerous. Thank you for all that you do to keep our communities safe.”  

- Motorist, York, PA

“The crews at Flagger Force are great to work with. We had a complicated rolling slowdown and they had the operation down to a science. I am very pleased with the job they performed.”

- Andrew MacPherson, project manager, CW Wright Construction

“The crew with my team today was outstanding. My employees made sure to tell me how knowledgeable, polite, and hardworking each member of this crew was throughout the day.”

- Damon Barbour, Supervisor, Reg Operations Line & Sub, West, Potomac Edison

“I want to thank Flagger Force for providing us with an outstanding and professional crew. The dedication your employees show on the road is very gratifying knowing they are the ones protecting our crew. Thank you for keeping us safe.”

- Shane Satterwhite, foreman, Pike Electric