Workforce Development

Keeping Our Communities Moving

We at Flagger Force view workforce development as providing opportunities for employment and leading-edge training for a career that, in our way, keeps communities moving. Developing partnerships outside of our organization was an organic next step for us to use business to help fill a need and change lives.

We partnered with the Living Classrooms Foundation, a Baltimore, Maryland based nonprofit, in 2018 to do just that. Watch the video to see how coming together in a meaningful way not only strengthened both of our organizations but the individuals in the communities we serve.

Partnering for Progress

“Our partnership with Flagger Force is a tremendous collaboration for us,” said James PiperBond, president of Living Classrooms. “By creating entry-level jobs, as well as a pipeline to a career, is a huge factor for us as we built out our program together. One of the things that truly impressed us about Flagger Force was meeting employees who have started as a crew member but are now in leadership positions within the company. That is a huge piece of the puzzle for us as we work to provide these individuals a new opportunity they may not have had before.”

Workforce development partnerships go deeper than just helping individuals look for a job. It requires companies who are interested in giving people a chance to a new path in life and providing a career opportunity. This approach opens the door for an opportunity to develop meaningful partnerships and relationships with employees.

Paving the Path for a Career

Once training was completed and program participants were certified, participants were hired by Flagger Force and paired with a mentor in the region, a seasoned employee with a company truck. Mentors were selected to help guide the new crew members and pick them up every day—normally at a public transit hub near the job. By reverse engineering job requirements into practical solutions, we’ve been able to better meet demands and align with our vision that we should exist to make a difference—one we believe matters, to us and the communities we serve.

“I finally have a paycheck,” said Tim Robinson, who is a part of the Living Classrooms Project SERVE program. He was hired by Flagger Force after completing training in October. “I was nervous when I first heard about the job but knowing there is a path for me to succeed gives me the motivation to continue working as hard as I can, to make it as far as I can. One day, I hope to be an advanced crew leader, setting up my own sites, just like FloydBrown, my mentor and partner.”

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