Per Diem

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Please fill out this form to request Per Diem for your out of town work. Field employees traveling for out of town work and staying in hotels are eligible for Per Diem. The amount is $25 per overnight. Payment depends upon when the form is submitted.

Per Diem is for field employees who have stayed in hotels the week prior and/or up to two weeks.

Submit the form during the week you stay in the hotel, by 8:00 a.m. the following Monday, to be compensated the next Friday. Future dated forms will not be accepted. Please fill out the Per Diem form AFTER the job is completed.

For questions please email

Per Diem Form

Per Diem is paid based on the number of overnight stays.

    Email will be used to send a confirmation message.

    You may only select dates across the past two weeks. Submit your entire per diem claim at once, indicating the total number of nights.

    Add the client and order number for each job worked per overnight stay. Click the ‘+’ button to add additional client and order numbers.