As the winter chill sets in and holiday decorations adorn street corners, many anticipate a season of warmth and festivities. However, the holiday season introduces unique challenges for the hardworking folks at Flagger Force. With about 90% of its workforce dispersed across various locations, the company faces the dual task of maintaining a motivated team while ensuring safety on the roadways during this busy time of year.

Why is this topic relevant to Flagger Force?

Flagger Force relies heavily on a dispersed workforce, allowing crews to be ready and available to mobilize in numerous locations throughout the year. However, as seasonal changes and holiday distractions beckon, maintaining a high level of employee engagement and motivation becomes critical. Flagger Force understands the impact low motivation has on work zone safety, and that’s where their innovative approach, the ITZ app, comes into play.

Why is it particularly important to motivate the workforce during the holiday season?

The nature of safety and traffic control is an unyielding, 24/7, 365-days-a-year responsibility. During the busy holiday season, roads are bustling with people traveling to be with loved ones. This high-traffic season has a well-deserved reputation for increasing the number of distracted motorists on the road, and a motivated workforce ensures that safety remains a top priority. Regardless of distractions or weather conditions, Flagger Force’s commitment extends throughout the entire year, emphasizing constant vigilance to keep roadways open, safe, and secure.

Why is motivation important?

Motivation is the driving force that keeps the cogs of an organization running smoothly. Flagger Force recognizes the significance of employee engagement through their ITZ app. This engagement keeps motivation high and fosters a highly engaged workforce. With this, the company not only retains employees but also opens doors for professional advancement and personal development.

As the New Year approaches, resolutions often center around career growth. The secret sauce for training and motivation is the ITZ app, a communication tool that connects field employees, fosters a sense of community, and keeps employees engaged with the company values. Praise begets praise, creating a positive cycle that keeps the workforce engaged and happy.

How does Flagger Force do this?

Flagger Force employs a multifaceted approach to motivate its dispersed workforce. It hinges on a carefully planned content strategy, communication strategy, and campaigns tailored to the needs and preferences of employees. By actively listening to the workforce through the ITZ app, the company identifies areas where it can offer support and make a meaningful impact. This includes providing easier access to resources such as educational assessments, policies & procedures, and Flagger Force-branded PPE apparel through the Gear Store.

Innovation is at the core of their strategy, and Flagger Force intuitively adapts to the ever-changing landscape of technology to stay aligned with the needs of employees.

Is Flagger Force having an impact on motivation levels?

The success of Flagger Force efforts can be seen in the impressive adoption rate of the ITZ app, with 98% voluntary adoption among employees. This high engagement is reflected in the daily return rate, with over 50% of users coming back regularly, demonstrating the app’s stickiness.

Moreover, active users are 49% more likely to be promoted to leadership roles, and 68% of these engaged employees are retained for a longer period. These metrics underscore the direct correlation between motivation, engagement, and career growth.

What are the keys to success with this effort?

The keys to Flagger Force’s success lie in a commitment to listening. Actively listening to employees and understanding their needs, concerns, and aspirations builds a positively motivated team. Equally important is listening to corporate voices and staying attuned to the latest technological innovations. By embracing change and staying connected, Flagger Force creates an environment where their dispersed workforce thrives.

In conclusion, Flagger Force’s approach to motivating a dispersed workforce during the holiday season and throughout the year is a testament to its commitment to safety, innovation, and employee well-being. By leveraging technology and using active listening, Flagger Force ensures that their workforce remains engaged, motivated, and