The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, unfortunately, increased activity on our roadways. As families come together and people embark on journeys to be with their loved ones, traffic congestion can become an issue for all of us. Furthermore, the holiday season can also coincide with unpredictable winter weather, adding an extra issue to road safety.

Flagger Force, an industry leader in safety, is committed to ensuring communities keep moving even through storms, power outages, and other challenges to energy and transportation infrastructure.

Let’s look at the challenges of traffic safety during the holiday season and why cautious driving is so important, especially in work zones where Flagger Force crews may be at work.

Driving Challenges During the Holiday Season

The first driving challenge is increased traffic volume. The holiday season sees a surge in traffic as people travel to visit family and friends, attend festive gatherings, and embark on winter vacations. This surge in traffic volume can lead to congestion, longer travel times, and an elevated risk of accidents.

Unpredictable winter weather is the next challenge. Winter weather brings its own set of challenges, with snow, ice, and freezing rain creating hazardous road conditions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 17% of all vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions, highlighting the need for heightened awareness and caution during the holiday season. NHTSA also reports there were 395 fatal crashes and an estimated 22,325 injury crashes that occurred in snow or sleet conditions in 2021. So, understanding the impact of winter weather on road safety is essential for both drivers and road maintenance crews like those from Flagger Force.

The NHTSA also offers some helpful winter weather driving tips. These tips include recommendations for preparing your car, general tips for safe driving, and what to do in an emergency.

Flagger Force’s Commitment

Flagger Force crews are unsung heroes working in all weather conditions to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Their dedication, along with the construction and utility crews they work alongside, is crucial in maintaining the energy and transportation infrastructure in our communities and ensuring that everyone can reach their destinations safely, especially during the holidays.

Winter storms can disrupt holiday plans dramatically and with short notice, but Flagger Force crews are undeterred. They work through storms, power outages, and challenging conditions to maintain the flow of traffic. Drivers can show their appreciation for this dedication by being mindful of their presence on the road, adapting to changing conditions, and following posted speed limits and instructions in work zones. This gives Flagger Force teams the safe space they need to do their work and ensures they can return home safely to their families at the end of a challenging day. What more could you wish for the holidays!

As we navigate the holiday hustle this year, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate the efforts of those working behind the scenes to keep our communities moving. Flagger Force, with its commitment to traffic safety, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that roads remain safe for all despite the challenges of the holiday season. By slowing down in work zones and giving these dedicated workers the space they need, drivers can contribute to a safer and more enjoyable holiday season for everyone. Let’s make this a season of celebration, gratitude, and above all, safe driving!