As of June 22 of this year, Luke Anspach, an Advanced Crew Leader in the Harrisburg market, has been with Flagger Force for eight years. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Luke about his veteran experience with the company and to find out why he’s respected by both our clients and his peers.  

Flagger Force: Hi, Luke! Thank you for making time for us today. What made you interested in working for Flagger Force?

Luke Anspach: I worked for Cott Beverage in Reading for 26 years as a Lift Truck Operator until they shut down. One day soon after, I saw a truck with the Flagger Force logo on the side of it and thought, “That would be something different!” And then once I started the job, I enjoyed it. I was a Crew Member for just one month before I was in my truck and have been in it ever since.

Flagger Force: What’s it like working in the field as an Advanced Crew Leader (ACL)?

Luke Anspach: It’s fun, but it can be a very hectic job. Communication is key when working in the field, and you always have to be watching everybody and everything. I’m out in the field every day like everyone else, but as an ACL, you have more responsibility. That means that I’m a part of more difficult setups, like lane closures and lane shifts, which I like, and can work with more equipment, like arrow panels and light towers. All in all, I like to have fun with our clients, but when I’m out there, it’s always work first.

Flagger Force: Working in the field, is there a typical day on the job for you?

Luke Anspach: No, there’s no typical day. Each setup is different, because there are different situations. Plus, there’s quite a bit of travel—you get to see a lot of the market you work in. I used to hate driving in Lancaster, but now I know where all the shortcuts and back alleys are!

Flagger Force: You’ve been with Flagger Force for eight years; what do you like most about your job?

Luke Anspach: I really like doing what I’m doing and being outside. Eight years later, and I’m still enjoying the challenge of the job, being outdoors, and training new employees. I get requested a lot for jobs and that’s because I care.

Flagger Force: Since you’ve been in the field for so long, have you fallen into a more comfortable mindset?

Luke Anspach: No, I’m always watching. I’ve gotten more confident and know more about working in the field through experience, sure; but, you can’t get comfortable in this line of work. You constantly and consistently have to be on the alert.

Flagger Force: Being an ACL, you’re no stranger to pre-job briefs. What sort of messages do you like to give when doing them on your job sites?

Luke Anspach: I check in with the client and go over the job—what they’re doing that day and if there’s anything I need to adjust for. I’ll also check with them to see who’s giving the bathroom breaks, but most of the time I have enough crew members to cover breaks myself. I also like to point out any safety hazards, like to watch out for a pot hole that I had noticed, to move 10 to 15 feet away from a tripping risk, and to make sure lunch boxes are on the sidewalk and not placed directly beside you.

Flagger Force: It’s great that you observe the environment and that you proactively tackle potential safety hazards. How do you handle adjusting to varying field conditions?

Luke Anspach: Adjusting to different conditions is just part of the job. After you’ve been here as long as I have, adjustments come naturally. I make modifications to the setups based on my experience and then fall back on the book to double check.

Flagger Force: It seems like you love what you do. What are you passionate about?

Luke Anspach: Without putting much thought into it, I enjoy relaxing and doing things around the house, such as yard work and stuff like that. But when it comes to my job, I’m passionate about safety and doing things by the book. I make sure that the rules aren’t being broken by myself or my crew. Following the rules is the way I was brought up. I’m also a morning person, so no matter what time the job starts, I’m there an hour early. Not only am I on time, but it gives me time to look over the situation and drink my coffee.

Flagger Force: When you work with new employees, what advice do you give them?

Luke Anspach: Never put your back to traffic. That’s the main thing I tell them. Never look up toward me—always watch that car coming toward you.

Flagger Force: When you’re not at Flagger Force, what are doing?

Luke Anspach: I’m mostly spending time with my wife. In September, we’ll be married 25 years. We like to go to flea markets—they’re fun to explore, plus you get good exercise walking around.



Who do you admire most? My wife, she’s my best friend. A month after our blind date, we were married and have been ever since. We communicate.

If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? Ronald Regan. I think he was one of the best presidents we’ve had, because he carried himself well.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given? Always be happy and have a smile on your face. When you smile at someone, they smile back—most of the time. And always say thank you to the first car you stop.

Can you describe yourself in one word? Dedicated. I’m here every day. I could probably count on one hand how many days I’ve called off in all the time I’ve been here.


Employee Spotlight with Luke Anspach
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Employee Spotlight with Luke Anspach
As of June 22 of this year, Luke Anspach, an Advanced Crew Leader in the Harrisburg market, has been with Flagger Force for eight years. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Luke about his veteran experience with the company and to find out why he's respected by both our clients and his peers.
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