Dawn Hopkins, a Flagger Force area supervisor in Maryland, is known for her remarkable reputation and willingness to help our employees on and off the road. Dawn’s dedication to uplifting others and her genuine desire to see everyone succeed have earned her the Employee Spotlight award.

Nearing her 10th year working at Flagger Force, Dawn reminisces about her first week on the job, “It was November, and it was cold. It was my first job as a crew member, and I was assigned to work with an advanced crew leader (ACL) who had been with the company for some time. I didn’t realize that we would literally stand outside all day, so I was shocked when I found out. But my ACL made it fun. They were willing to explain all things traffic control, which only helped my confidence during the first week.”

From a crew member then, to an area supervisor now, Dawn’s role has changed significantly. As a crew member, Dawn was primarily responsible for herself and her PPE. Now, she’s responsible for the safety of dozens of crews, multiple clients, and the thousands of community members in her area who pass through a work zone. With a fix-it mindset, Dawn enjoys teaching and helping others succeed in their roles.

“I have more responsibility now than as a crew member. As a crew member, my role was about getting to know everyone and learning. Now, as an area supervisor, I teach others about traffic and work zone safety. If someone needs help, they call me, and it’s my job to find the answers.”

When asked what she values most as an area supervisor, Dawn explained, “The relationships I build with the clients and the people. I think relationships matter, and people look to trust you. They look to you for knowledge, advice, and for your expertise. And that’s probably what I value most—being there when they need me most.”

Dawn’s determination and hard work truly elevate her as an exceptional member of the Flagger Force team. Her willingness to be helpful and available precedes her reputation. Dawn explains, “I think it’s word of mouth. I believe other people say, ‘Hey, you should try calling Dawn.’” Dawn’s character traits are known across the company. Many appreciate her ability to clearly explain Flagger Force procedures and how she looks after and coaches her employees. Others note, “she’s down to earth” and treats everyone respectfully. “She’s a great leader,” stated Dawn’s field manager, Claudio Santos.

We asked Dawn how she approaches site visits, whether they’re random visits, or if there’s a reason she was called to come to the site. She replied, “The mindset would be different for either scenario. If I am there to do a normal site visit, I first look for safety. Is it safe for our team members, clients, pedestrians, and motorists? If I’m there because of an incident or a complaint, I still approach with a Safety-Driven® mindset, but I also approach it with a fix-it mindset. Where do we need to improve? Having been a field trainer, I look at it with a training perspective.”

From visiting work zone setups with a safety mindset to her positive can-do attitude, she inspires those around her and demonstrates her commitment to the success of others. “She doesn’t mind going out there, getting her hands dirty, and assisting us with anything we need. If I have any problems, I pick up that phone and call her. She’ll walk me right through it.”—Shawntaye Spriggs, advanced crew leader, Maryland.

Wrapping up our time with Dawn, we wanted to know what advice she’d give to a new crew member looking to build a career with Flagger Force.

“I would encourage them to be themselves and maintain integrity. Stand out by conducting themselves based on their morals and values. I believe this is great advice for any job, not just Flagger Force. Be yourself. Do your best…Don’t just promote for the truck. Do it because you want to make a difference and make a change for the better.”


What do you like to do in your free time? Not many people know this, but I like to do puzzles, like jigsaw puzzles.

What’s your favorite meal or lunch? Normally, I go to Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, or Five Guys.

What does it mean to you to be awarded the Employee Spotlight? Being awarded the employee spotlight means that I must be doing something right. People are noticing my effort and my work. I was surprised to get this phone call. I was. I said, “Me? Oh, no. Are you sure? They made a mistake.” I don’t do anything for recognition, so for this to come about so unexpectedly, it feels good—really good.