Flagger Force is not just a company; it’s a community of dedicated individuals who work together to ensure the safety and efficiency of our roads. We believe Flagger Force’s success is built on its employees’ initiative and performance. That’s why we’re committed to creating career advancement opportunities for our team members. In this article, we’ll show how employees can transition from field to office positions, highlighting the benefits it brings to Flagger Force and our valued employees.

Making the Leap: Field to Office

The transition from field positions to office positions at Flagger Force is a well-defined pathway that allows employees to evolve in their careers.

When first beginning your career at Flagger Force, most individuals are crew members, our entry-level position. In this role, full-time traffic control professionals are introduced to the company’s values, vision, and mission, which drive every part of the organization. They can then progress to a crew leader and receive a company vehicle, additional training, and may even begin to mentor crew members to give insights on their experience with Flagger Force. Many employees continue their career pathway to advanced crew leader, where their training is more of the advanced and complex setups. But what happens when they want the next level of career advancement? We offer many options!

Our field leadership roles, such as field trainers, area supervisors, field managers, and warehouse coordinators, are located in our specific market regions. Let’s dive into each of them:

  • Field Trainer: responsible for in-the-field, on-the-job training, coaching, and developing the performance of field employees while promoting the safety and quality standards of the organization.
  • Area Supervisor: coaches field employee performance through site observations, building positive client relationships, and overseeing pre-construction planning while promoting the safety and quality standards of the organization.
  • Field Manager: coordinates, supervises, and ensures the successful execution of orders, operations, or tasks while acting in accordance with Flagger Force’s company values, vision, and mission.
  • Warehouse Coordinator: responsible for the inventory, storage, and distribution of warehouse equipment and supplies while acting in accordance with Flagger Force’s company values, vision, and mission.

There are also internal career opportunities at our corporate campus in roles such as:

  • Field Recruitment: recruits top talent for field positions by pre-screening, conducting interviews, and completing appropriate hiring background tasks of qualifying candidates while acting in accordance with Flagger Force’s company values, vision, and mission.
  • Resource Allocation Specialist: provides primary dispatch to client orders and supports client services functions while acting in accordance with Flagger Force’s company values, vision, and mission.

Success Stories

Many of our employees have successfully transitioned from field to office positions, contributing their skills and expertise to different departments within Flagger Force.

For instance, employees who were once area supervisors in the field have become valuable members of our recruitment team, playing a pivotal role in finding and hiring new talent. These success stories exemplify the opportunities that exist within our organization for those willing to seize them.

How Common is This Transition?

In 2023, Flagger Force saw approximately 28 employees shifting from the field to other positions. While this number may seem modest, it represents real opportunities for growth within Flagger Force. We’re committed to continuously expanding these opportunities and encouraging our employees to learn and grow within their careers at Flagger Force.

Preparing for the Transition

For employees who aspire to make the switch, preparation is key. Keeping an eye on job openings through the career portal within their human resources app, UKG, account is the first step. The career portal is regularly updated with internal job postings, providing employees with a comprehensive view of available opportunities.

The specific qualifications and preparations required may vary depending on the desired role. For instance, if someone aims to become an area supervisor, we look for demonstrated leadership skills, professionalism, and a proven track record in their previous roles. It’s advisable for employees interested in making this jump to update their resume, ensuring it reflects their relevant experience and skills related to the position they’re applying for.

Flagger Force’s Encouragement and Support

Flagger Force has been built on the foundation of employees who have grown with us by raising their hands and applying for new opportunities. We not only encourage this, but we actively support employees in their pursuit of career advancement. We believe in nurturing talent from within, and we’re committed to providing a supportive environment for our team members to thrive.

Benefits for Flagger Force and Employees

The transition from field to office positions benefits Flagger Force and our employees in several ways.

  • Knowledge Transfer: Employees who transition from the field bring invaluable knowledge with them. They have firsthand experience of how operations work in the field, and this knowledge can lead to insights and improvements in various departments, such as operations and recruitment. Their insights can help us refine our processes, making us more efficient and effective as an organization.
  • Career Growth: For employees, transitioning to office positions represents a significant career growth opportunity. It allows them to diversify their skill set, take on new challenges, and expand their future opportunities. It’s not just a job change; it’s a chance to learn new skills and develop professionally.
  • Building Relationships: Making the move from field to office also provides employees with the opportunity to build lasting relationships with colleagues from different departments. This cross-functional collaboration enhances teamwork and fosters a sense of unity within the organization.

Who Made the Jump?

An example of career growth is a ten-year veteran of Flagger Force, Donna Landis-Hoffer. “I first began as a crew member in the Central Pennsylvania market, and after 90 days, I was promoted to a crew leader, a role I was proud to work in for five and a half years! I knew there were other opportunities within the company, which I was eager to take advantage of to grow professionally. With my field experience, I easily transitioned to the dispatch team for a year, where I learned a lot, which helped me again move to the next level within the recruitment team.”

Donna’s journey highlights how employees can proactively communicate their career aspirations to their supervisors and take advantage of internal job postings to achieve their goals.

The Flagger Force Mission

At Flagger Force, we are more than just a company; we are a team of dedicated individuals working together behind a common mission. We believe in the potential of our employees and are committed to providing them with opportunities for career advancement. Transitioning from field to office positions is not only possible but encouraged, and we actively support our employees in their journey toward personal and professional growth. We are proud of the success stories within our organization and look forward to witnessing more employees progress to new roles, bringing their valuable insights and expertise to our ever-evolving company.

If you are a current or prospective employee at Flagger Force, know that your career path here is not limited by your starting position. Your dedication, skills, and determination can take you far within our organization, and we are excited to see where your journey leads.