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Before Flagger Force, traffic control was often considered “secondary” to road construction and work being done on or near roadways. It wasn’t a priority in the past. Flagger Force has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to elevate the importance of traffic control into a career.

Our Safety-Driven culture positively impacts everyone, from the general public who passes as traffic through work zones to construction zone crews and laborers, and our own employees.

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Our focus on safe and high-quality temporary traffic control in work zones enables us to offer a variety of career opportunities, plus benefits and career advancement.

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  • Crew Members: Our flagmen / traffic control professionals are on the front line in work zones, responsible for controlling traffic so motorists know when they need to stop, go and slow down for construction crews working on or near the roadway 
  • Crew Leaders: Every work zone has a Crew Leader responsible for setting up flagging operations and coordinating with clients in a pre-job brief to ensure communication is clear and open while actively participating in controlling traffic.
  • Advanced Crew Leaders: The role of advanced crew leaders is to set up basic and complex work zones and actively participate in controlling traffic by offering support and direction to crew members, towing equipment, and working more advanced operations such as rolling slowdowns.
  • Field Supervisors: This role is tasked with ensuring smooth, efficient communication between our Flagger Force employees and the construction project manager and laborers for safe, quality work.

These outdoor jobs offer a challenging work experience for people who want a rewarding career. We promote 100% from within the organization for field positions, and encourage our employees to progress within Flagger Force. To build our 1600+ strong team, we have developed training programs that encourage continuous improvement and keep a focus on safety and quality at all times.

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Flagger Force Academy

When you join our team at Flagger Force as a flagger, you have the opportunity to become a leader.  We put you through a comprehensive training program called Flagger Force Academy. We teach all of our employees the importance of thinking “Safety” at all times. We also offer other great benefits when you come to work for Flagger Force:

  • Comprehensive and affordable major health coverage
  • An attractive 401(k) program matched by the company
  • Paid time off along with holiday pay accrual
  • Opportunities for overtime, depending on availability
  • Bonuses when you refer new employees
  • Good pay that’s competitive for the industry

Combining excellent career development and promotion opportunities, comprehensive safety, quality skills training and a wide range of competitive benefits makes working for Flagger Force a rewarding career choice. If you’re looking for a full-time job in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware or Virginia and would enjoy a satisfying outdoor career as a flagman, flagger or traffic manager, contact us today at Flagger Force by applying for a position online.

Flagger Force will set you on a rewarding career path with promotion possibilities and support you along the way with training through our Flagger Force Academy. Our 1600+ employees are our strength, which is why we truly value the hard work and dedication of every one of our team members. We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our industry-leading team of temporary traffic control experts.

Industry Publication

Flagger Force’s ‘On the Move’ publication is an industry-leading publication that focuses on topics important not only to the Transportation Infrastructure space, but to our clients’ businesses as well.

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Joseph Thom came to the aid of a coworker today who was having a bad day. The Harrisburg Operations’ staff appreciates his dedication to being a good leader and for supporting his fellow coworker. 

- Marie Tannenbaum, Flagger Force Overnight Operations Specialist, Since 2014

KUDOS to the our crew for their work in Atlantic City, NJ! They did an awesome job for the client. The Atlantic City Police Department was very impressed with their work as well.

- Chris Plute, Flagger Force Field Supervisor, Since 2014

I would like to give KUDOS to my crew for the YMCA’s Turkey Trot today. They each played an important role in our execution of this job.

- John Wentz, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader, Since 2015

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