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At Flagger Force, we take the training of our crew members very seriously. Our Safety-Driven culture pervades every aspect of what we do and is an integral part of how we run our business. The nature of temporary traffic control means that situations can evolve quickly and static safety measures simply won’t do. We take a dynamic view of work zones and ensure that our traffic control professionals anticipate traffic movements and react to situations as they happen.

As an industry leader in traffic control and one of the first organizations to treat traffic control as a career and not simply an afterthought, Flagger Force has the knowledge, experience and size to have a real impact in the safety of road construction and other roadwork zones across the eastern United States (including PA, DE, MD, VA, OH, NC & GA).

Flagger Force Academy Courses:

Crew Member Training

Basic Work Zone

Lane Closure and Complex Setups

Specialty Equipment Operations Training

We know that safety doesn’t happen naturally — it takes a conscious and consistent effort to ensure our employees, construction zone workers and people moving through jobsites are kept out of harm’s way. To instill our safety-driven culture in our traffic control company, we created a unique and effective form of training that is respected throughout the industry.

We created the Flagger Force Academy to offer in-depth safety training. Our elaborate and systematic approach to traffic control safety has several advantages over traditional training programs:

  • We offer excellent visibility to safety and reinforce it as one of our core values. At Flagger Force, safety isn’t an afterthought, an addition or a secondary function. It is a pillar of how we run our business — and how our workers approach every work zone.
  • We exceed training standards. Up until a few decades ago, traffic control wasn’t considered a career, and it wasn’t particularly well respected. We legitimized it as an important safety function and reminded our clients that our traffic guards are well trained in all aspects of road construction zone safety.
  • Our academy offers members across our organization the opportunity to share stories, ideas and best practices. We value the input of every employee and share lessons with every flagger in our academy safety training.
  • We offer on-the-job training for all crew members. Our more experienced field leaders and supervisors can share their wealth of knowledge and give useful examples of the importance of safety on temporary traffic control situations.

Safety Affects Everyone

Traffic control safety affects more than road construction workers. The general public passes through temporary construction zones all over the Mid-Atlantic area every day. Our entire Flagger Force team wants to make sure that everyone arrives home safely, and we’ll continue focusing on safety, as we always have, to meet this objective.

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“KUDOS to our crew for their work in Atlantic City, NJ! They did an awesome job for the client. The Atlantic City Police Department was very impressed with their work as well.”

- Chris Plute, Flagger Force Area Supervisor, Since 2014

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