Dispatch for iPhone

Dispatch For iPhone

Dispatch is a mandatory app for field employees. Use the Dispatch app to view and accept jobs. Follow the directions below to download and install the Dispatch app for iPhone. Contact employee services with any questions—717.461.7650 and press option 6 for technology.



Download Instructions

There are quite a few steps to follow to download and install this app. Please reference the list, video, or PDF (click here) for step-by-step instructions.

  1. Install FF Dispatch
  2. Tap “Install” on the appcenter.ms pop up
  3. FF Dispatch is loading | Return to your home screen
  4. Tap on the app to open
  5. Tap “Cancel” on the Untrusted Enterprise Developer pop up | Go to Settings
  6. In Setting scroll down and tap General
  7. Scroll down and tap Device Management
  8. Tap Traffic Control Services, LLC
  9. “Trust” Traffic Control Services, LLC 
  10. App is now verified | Return to your home screen
  11. Tap on the app to open and sign in using your Azure ID login information (your Azure ID is: Firstname.Lastname@FlaggerForce.net)

Please contact Employee Services to get your Azure ID login information.

Please note that once you go through the “trust” process for one of our apps on an iPhone device, you may not need to for the other apps.